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UPAC San Diego opened their coffee shop social enterprise and are brewing and selling Rise Up Industries coffee!

RUI Coffee is now available at Neighborhood Cafe .
The Neigorhood Cafe is a non-profit social enterprise program operated by the Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC) and funded by the County of San Diego.
The Neighborhood Cafe features specialty coffees, teas, pastries, and beautifully crafted lunch options.

Here is the address to go and get your RUI Coffee and more!
Neighborhood Cafe
UPAC Neighborhood Enterprise Center
5296 University Ave., Suite A&B
San Diego, CA 92105

Angel Ramirez was introduced to RUI by Steve Crabtree, who became Angel’s RUI Mentor.

Angel completed our 18-month program and became our second graduate on November 1st of this year. We are pleased to report that Angel was hired by Southcoast Welding and Manufacturing. During his 18 months with Rise Up Industries, Angel has been very involved with giving back and assisting others.

His volunteer work included:
* Serving at Father Joe’s Villages soup kitchen
* Speaking regularly with Justice Involved Youth at the Salvation Army on Thursday nights
* Speaking with the at-risk youth at the Passport to Life Career & Education Expo
* Leading efforts to create a local Criminal and Gang Member Anonymous (CGA) program


Additionally, Angel is one of the four authors of the recently published Writing After Life.

We are excited to have Angel in our Alumni Program, and know that he and Daniel (our first graduate) will help us to develop and grow this program!

Since February 2018, Leslie Willis has been volunteering weekly at Rise Up Industries.

Together, the members of Rise Up and Leslie created a program called “Writing After Life” as a space to share our stories with each other and the community. This program quickly became the focus of her Master of Arts in Social Innovation capstone project. They are currently in the final stages of writing a book of some of their stories from life before, during, and after incarceration.

We are beyond excited. The books have arrived and are ready to be sent to you, our supporters!

Buy your book now using this link: Buy it now!









Don’t miss out on a memorable evening set in a beautiful Ranch Santa Fe home, 6:30 PM, Friday, October 5, 2018


Vegas style entertainment, gaming tables, food, beer, wine, signature cocktails and more!
All proceeds to benefit
Rise Up Industries, a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization
Join us for an old-school, Vegas-Style evening of gaming, dancing, food, fun and friendship as we raise awareness and funding for Rise Up Industries, a member of the Global Homeboy Industries Network. Learn about the important work Rise Up Industries offers to the community, and prepare to be amazed by their success!
Call Del Centanni at (619)313-3142 for more information

It’s a night you won’t forget!

  •  Meet each of our RUI’s members and celebrate the upcoming graduation of Angel Ramirez, our 2nd graduate.

  • Receive a first edition of their book containing moving stories written by them, entitled ” Writing After Life”, drawing on their former lives as “lifers”

  • Imaging yourself playing casino games like in Las Vegas, enjoying delicious food, choice beverages and special music.

  • Learn of the pressing needs of Rise Up Industries with an opportunity to “raise the paddle” in support of its mission

  • Buy your tickets or just make a donation, using this link:

Meet Joe Gilbreath, founder of Rise Up Industries, and learn about RUI’s mission by reading a beautiful, featured article in SD Voyager Magazine. Thank you, SD Voyager, for sharing Joe’s interview!

People all over the world see San Diego as a city of sun, fun, and bustling enterprise. However, like many cities, San Diego has gangs. In 2017, it had 794 gang-related crimes including 1 homicide, 3 attempted homicides and 132 assaults with a deadly weapon. You can help our city reduce this problem by supporting RUI

Please click on  SD Voyager Magazine logo to read the whole article!

Rise Up Industries has partnered up with Packed with Purpose!

Since their 2016 launch, they have been committed to creating meaningful impact through high-quality gifts.  They handpick a variety of products for their gift boxes from Purposeful Purveyors who transform individuals and communities around us.

Your gift will have an impact! It will wow those who receive it while positively impacting local communities.  The products in their gift boxes provide young women job skills, train homeless youth, reduce landfill waste, offer the formerly incarcerated new opportunities, and more.

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