Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Rise Up Industries minimizes gang involvement by providing integrated gang prevention, gang intervention, and post-detention reentry services.

Our long-term vision involves two main growth areas: expanding the Reentry Program and launching our future gang prevention and intervention programs. This vision considers both individuals and systemic issues related to gang involvement in San Diego County.


Expanding the Reentry Program

Launching Gang Prevention & Intervention Programs

Expanding the Reentry Program


RUI’s goal is to minimize gang activity through a three-pronged approach of gang prevention, gang intervention, and post-detention reentry services. The Reentry Program is the first step in this three-pronged approach. The goal of this program is the successful reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals and their departure from gang involvement. 

There is no "them" and "us". There is only us.

- Father Greg Boyle

Successful reentry and reduction in gang involvement leads to safer neighborhoods and a reduction in the social and economic costs of re-incarceration. Within the next five years, we plan to double the enrollment capacity of the Reentry Program, purchase our own facility, and increase the number of CNC machines in the Machine Shop Social Enterprise. 

No kid is seeking anything when he joins a gang; he's always fleeing something. He's not being pulled, he's being pushed by the circumstances which he finds himself

- Father Greg Boyle

Gang Prevention & Intervention programs

PREVENTION & INtervention

The average gang member joins a gang before high school. Our  RUI graduates (most having received life sentences) are uniquely positioned to encourage at-risk youth to make positive life choices. Gang prevention is intended to prevent at-risk youth from joining gangs. Gang intervention involves those who have already become affiliated with a gang and assists them in leaving the gang and becoming contributing members of society. 

Our long-term vision involves graduates helping to co-create RUI’s future gang prevention and intervention programs. These graduates are role models and credible messengers for at-risk youth and can speak empathically to their life situations.

The business of second chances is everybody's business.

- Father Greg Boyle

Making a difference

Graduates of the Reentry Program begin their lifetime affiliation with RUI as alumni. They serve as role models, credible messengers, and mentors for at-risk youth, and will help build RUI’s future gang prevention and intervention program.

 In 2019, RUI members and graduates participated in 17 speaking engagements at schools, universities, detention centers, District Attorney events, and other groups across San Diego.

Four RUI members published a book, Writing After Life, which sold over 1,000 copies in its first year. Each of the four authors had received life sentences and they shared about their lives, what led them to gangs, prison and their participation with RUI upon reentry. This book is read in prisons across the country and RUI regularly receives letters from current inmates who are inspired by it.

Some of the Schools RUI Has worked with


These goals facilitate long-term sustainability as well as enable us to enroll more previously incarcerated, formerly gang involved people in the program. Our future gang prevention and intervention programs will address some of the root issues leading to gang involvement. With your help we can make this vision a reality. Get involved today!