Dear Mr. Manny
I appreciate you sharing your story before and in prison. It means a lot, sharing things like that, I knew that because I was going down the same path and it was hard to talk about it. I felt like people didn’t understand me, so I fought a lot for no reason. When you shared your family was involved in gangs I related to you a lot growing up with a family which almost all your cousins bang it’s hard to go down the right path and do right because that’s all you know. But I learned I have to be the one to set the example for my little cousins, they are looking up to me so I’m not going to go down that same path – I’m going to create my own.
Lincoln HS Student

As the gang prevention program our members give back to the community speaking at schools and different organizations, specially with youth. here is a sample of a letter that Manny received from an student who was in speaking engagement days ago.