At Rise Up Industries formerly gang involved individuals and at-risk individuals are supported in their quest for a better, more meaningful life. Our non-profit corporation will extend a rich array of in-house and out-sourced services that not only counsel participants, but provide opportunities for personal and professional advancement as well. At its core, Rise Up Industries will emulate the business model of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, which serves the same segment of high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs, while also operating several social enterprises that serve as job training sites.

Rise Up Industries operations model is a three pronged program of Gang Prevention, Gang Intervention, and Post-Detention Reentry designed to redirect individuals and enrich communities with the ultimate goal of creating environments where gang life is no longer an attractive alternative.

  • Post-Detention Reentry

    Currently in start up operations; we will be providing immediate assistance for individuals reentering society with a desire to reach their goals free of gang involvement.

  • Gang Prevention

    Future Program

    Keeping youth in school with a positive plan for the future which ultimately denies gangs their recruiting population.  We are currently building capacity to launch this program!

  • Gang Intervention

    Future Program

    Helping to reduce gang populations by providing better life alternatives and assisting individuals detach from gang involvement. We are currently building capacity to launch this program!

Post-Detention Reentry

Assisting former gang-involved individuals to successfully reenter society upon their release from incarceration.


Our goal is to assist individuals who desire to make positive life changes to reach their full potential. Achieving this goal will result in:

* productive and satisfying lives for the individuals and their family
* reduction in gang membership and safer neighborhoods
* reduction in the rate of recidivism and cost of incarceration
* breaking the generational cycle of gang life

The Program

Our program provides comprehensive services that address the physical, mental, emotion, educational and spiritual needs of those we serve. Services include:
* case management
* mentoring
* counseling
* education
* community service
* health/fitness programs
* spiritual programs
* interim employment
* life skills training
* job readiness and job placement.

Guiding Principles of the Program

    1. Kinship. A key factor that drives youth to gang involvement is a need/desire to belong, for kinship, for community. Those leaving incarceration need to have community. Many times the only community that they have are communities that would support their continued gang involvement. Our staff and volunteers understand, create and provide an environment that is all accepting and genuinely interested in the individual.
    2. Long-Term. Our members are actively involved in programming, job training or employment, 40 hours per week for 18 months. Graduates will be encouraged to become lifetime Rise Up Industry alumni. The long-term commitment is tied to our principle of kinship. Our alumni are family and are welcomed back and encouraged to stay connected. Their continued contributions as employees, volunteers, coaches, mentors, creditable messengers, speakers, etc. will assist in the long-term sustainability of the program.
    3. Jobs. We employ our members with interim paid employment, in one of our social enterprises, while they are working on their other assessed needs. This interim employment provides income, builds their confidence and sense of self worth, provides life skills training, work ethic development, and specific job skill training. Studies have shown that employers are more likely to hire an ex-offender who has been through some job training program with favorable evaluations from their supervisor.
    4. Spiritual. Many ex-offenders and ex-gang members who have successfully turned their lives around have indicated that some conversion/faith experience was instrumental in their change and continued success. Our intent is to collaborate with existing faith communities in receiving our members into their communities and programs, so that their fellowship experience continues beyond our program.
    5. Comprehensive. Our program is comprehensive in order to address all the needs of our members. Some of these needs are met by other agencies or non-profits with whom we collaborate. The individual’s long-term success requires a solid foundation where all needs are addressed.
    6. Education. Our program reinforces the value of education. We encourage and assist our members to obtain a high school diploma/GED as a minimum. Additionally, we will encourage further education/career training as required to meet their career/employment goals.
    7. Collaboration. Gangs are a community issue, they negatively impact the entire community, and the solution to the gang situation will require the involvement of the entire community; schools, local government agencies, faith communities, neighborhood volunteers and local businesses. While our communities are supporting our members, our members will be giving back through community service projects. Our graduates, integrated back into the communities, will be self supporting through employment with local businesses. Employed, tax paying graduates, prepared to be responsible parents and inspired to help those who follow, will help create the environments where our youth no longer seek gang life to meet their need to belong.

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