Our Story

Several of our founders have been involved with Kairos Prison Ministry at RJ Donovan for a number of years. After reading Father Greg Boyle’s book, Tattoos on the Heart, and hearing Father Boyle speak to the inmates at RJ Donovan, we decided to research the need for a San Diego based nonprofit modeled after Father Boyle’s Homeboy Industries. Initial research indicated a definite need. Rise Up Industries is the resultant public benefit nonprofit that is focused on Gang Prevention, Gang Intervention and Post Detention Reentry.

Rise Up Industries overall is modeled after Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, the most successful program of its type in the US. The RUI Reentry Program opened in Santee in March 2016. It assists formerly gang involved members to successfully reenter society; thereby, reducing the gang population and the recidivism rate. It is an 18 month/40 hour week program supplying counseling. We have learned in that time that jobs are probably about 80% of what these folks need to redirect their lives. The other 20% is a mixture of therapeutic and support services. So, in addition to paying men to receive job training, we also require that they spend part of their working day here working on themselves.

What we do

RUI provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. They are welcomed into a community of mutual kinship, love, and a wide variety of services. Full-time employment is offered through an 18-month program that  trains our members to be Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine operators—a technical skill in high demand that helps them re-identify who they are in the world, offers job training so they can move on from RUI and become contributing members of the community – knowing they count!

At its core, Rise Up Industries will emulate the business model of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, which serves the same segment of high-risk, formerly gang-involved men with a continuum of free services and programs, while also operating several social enterprises that serve as job training sites.

Rise Up Industries operations model is a three pronged program of Gang Prevention, Gang Intervention, and Post-Detention Reentry designed to redirect individuals and enrich communities with the ultimate goal of creating environments where gang life is no longer an attractive alternative.

RUI operates three social enterprises, its Machine Shop, Coffee, and Silk Screen and Embroidery.

RUI’s Machine Shop’s 18 month program provides both training and work experience. It trains members to be Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine operators—a technical skill in high demand.  Through contract work for local and out of state customers, it also gives them real work opportunities and work ethic development

RUI Coffee and RUI Silk Screen and Embroidery are developing their customer bases with the objective of providing additional employment opportunities. Programs to implement the other two prongs of RUI’s mission—gang intervention and gang prevention—will be launched as resources permit.

RUI Coffee comes in three distinct flavors: African Malawi, Decaf Brazilian, and Costa Rican. Through the simple act of purchasing Rise Up Industries coffee, you are helping us give hope and instill faith in men who have seldom if ever experienced compassion, kinship, and a second chance… 100% of our net proceeds are invested directly back into Rise Up Industries’ programs. In San Diego County you can find it in Barons Market, Valley Farm, and Major Market, or you can purchase it online