Support our members


For $30/month assist a formerly gang involved member of our Reentry Program and support their decision to change their life.

How your support helps

Rise Up Members

  • Develops opportunities for team building and community among members
  • Prepares a member for a career as a CNC machine operator
  • Helps them reenter society and stay away from gangs and incarceration

Rise Up Staff

  • Staffed with educated employees and volunteers
  • Staff understands, creates, and provides an accepting environment
  • Take genuine interest in the betterment of individuals

Rise Up Program

  • Post-detention re-entry program, focusing on minimizing gang violence
  • Federally approved apprenticeship program, full-time employment and comprehensive services
  • Services include case management, mentoring, counseling, and education

Give by check

At Rise Up Industries we aim to create safer neighborhoods and add productive members to our communities by helping formerly incarcerated individuals to change their lives for the better. With your donation you are directly supporting our reentry program where we provide employment, job and life skill training along with hope, counsel and support to our members.

If you prefer to give by check, please send your checks to:

Rise Up Industries
8530 Roland Acres Drive
Santee, CA 92071