OUr Mission

To miminize gang involvment by providing integrated gang prevention, gang intervention and post-detention reentry programs.


At Rise Up Industries

We support formerly incarcerated, formerly gang involved individuals in their quest for a better, more meaningful life.We extend a rich array of services that not only counsel participants, but also provide opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Modeled after Homeboy Industries

The world’s largest, most successful gang intervention and reentry program, Rise Up Industries is a community of kinship that believes in boundless compassion and standing with the most marginalized among us, formerly gang-involved and incarcerated individuals.

About ouR Program

“Nothing stops a bullet like a job,”
– Father Greg Boyle, Homeboy Industries

Our mission at Rise Up Industries highlights three prongs to minimizing gang involvement: gang intervention, prevention and post-detention reentry. This integrated approach reflects our desire to serve individuals while also addressing systemic issues that disproportionately affect at-risk youth. We began this three-pronged approach with the Reentry Program. 

Our 18-month Reentry Program is in its fifth year of operation and provides a comprehensive set of services to formerly incarcerated, formerly gang involved individuals. These services include employment, job-training, case management, tattoo removal, counseling, mentoring, education assistance, financial literacy, life skills, and work ethic development. RUI pays full-time wages to Reentry Program members as they work their way through the program.

A key component of RUI’s Reentry Program is our Machine Shop Social Enterprise, where members are trained for careers as CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine operators. This is a well-paid trade that is in high demand and can be performed until an old age, which is especially important for people who have spent decades incarcerated and have no retirement savings. It also fills a critical skills gap in San Diego’s machining industry where demand for skilled CNC machine operators far outweighs supply.

The results?

 Graduates of the 18-month Reentry Program have a 0% recidivism rate (i.e. 0% have been re-incarcerated). Local manufacturing companies have hired 100% of graduates immediately upon graduation, and 100% are still employed. According to national averages, formerly incarcerated persons have a 68% recidivism rate and 73% employment rate, in spite of being more active job seekers than unemployed citizens who have not been incarcerated.

1 %
Recdivism Rate
1 %
Hired Upon Graduation
1 %
Still EMployed