Machine Shop

Our goal is to provide high quality parts as well as high quality training for our members.

  • Training for CNC machine operators
  • Well-paying trade in high demand
  • Contract work is available

Our machine shop has the following equipment which allows us to provide the following services:

  • Haas CNC TM-1P Mill
  • 40″ manual lathe
  • Mig Welder
  • Haas Super Mini Mill with a HRT-160 4th Axis
  • Haas ST-15Y lathe
  • 3 axis milling with the latest Master-Cam cad/cam software
  • simple to intermediate turned parts
  • steel only non-certified welding up to 3/16″ thick
  • 4th axis milling with the latest Master-Cam cad/cam software
  • CNC lathe with live tooling on both the X and Y axis

Contact us for more information:

Dustin Greeves, Machine Shop Manager

(619) 300-1314

Contracted work provides members with production experience and generates revenue to help offset operating costs.

We’re changing lives but we can help more lives with your support!

Our current shop has limited capacity, but it is changing lives!  We have formulated plans for expanding our machine shop and increasing our capacity to serve more individuals.

  • Increase capacity to train/employ members
  • Goal
    • Train 12 members at a time
    • Graduate 2 members every quarter
    • Enroll 2 new members every quarter
  • Additional Benefits
    • Broader range training experience
    • Broader capability for contract work

We are currently training three men to be CNC machine operators.  This is a well-paying trade and is also in high demand. 

Preparing individuals for sustainable employment is a critical element for successful reentry into society and departure from gang life.  Your donation is a vote of confidence for both Rise Up Industries and these men who are pursuing better life alternatives for themselves and their families. Every little bit helps.


  • Diamond $ 50,000
  • Platinum $25,000
  • Gold $10,000
  • Silver $5,000
  • Titanium $1,000