How we change lives

Our Reentry PRogram

Employment Matters

The Machine Shop Social Enterprise is central to our Reentry Program and prepares members for careers as CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine operators. They receive employment, classroom training, and real-world experience on contract work to give them the skills needed for a well-paying career. Revenue from this enterprise helps offset costs, making the Reentry Program more sustainable and amplifying the impact of contributions.

The environment to succeed

Our work environment develops opportunities for team building and community among our members. Good, solid work ethics (learned, practiced, evaluated and ingrained) play a critical role in obtaining and maintaining employment following the program. The senior members have an opportunity to teach these work ethics to the newer members that they peer mentor.


To assist those wishing to leave gang life to succeed in reaching their goal by providing a federally approved apprenticeship program, full-time employment and comprehensive services that address their physical, mental, emotional, educational and spiritual needs.



The cost of incarceration in California state prisons is $106,000 per year per person. The average sentence length is 5.3 years. Therefore, the average cost of incarceration in California is $106,000 x 5.3 years = $561,800 per person.

In our first few years, Rise Up Industries graduated 8 members. Statistically, at least 4 out of 8 would have returned to incarceration without a successful reentry program. The cost for taxpayers would have been $561,800 x 4 = $2,247,200.

Not only did this potentially save taxpayers over $2 million, but more importantly, it gave, hope, support, and a second chance.

68 %

68% of those released from incarceration are arrested within 3 years.


The average California state prison sentence length is 5.3 years

Annual Cost
$ 106000

 The annual cost to incarcerate an individual in California state prisons is $106,000


The overall Reentry Program effectiveness is measured by tracking the following data. 

Program Measurements

6 %
Hired Upon Graduation
100 %


Angel's Story

At the age of 11, Angel’s life goal was to join his father and uncle in prison. He ended up spending 41 years of his life incarcerated. While in prison, Angel was inspired by Kairos Prison Ministry and decided to turn his life around. 

Angel joined Rise Up after being released and became a well-paid supervisor at a local manufacturing company. He is raising two grandchildren after his son followed in his footsteps and became incarcerated. Looking back on his life, his father’s life, and his son’s life, and then toward his grandchildren, Angel stated, “The cycle ends here.”


To me, Rise Up means acceptance into a new life with a different mindset. I look at my fellow members and the staff as family. We are all in this journey together.
RUI member
The membership program they implemented into the process of discovering a brighter future for the members has been hands down instrumental in my self-recovery and self-discovery.
RUI Member
Rise Up is more than just an opporunity it's truly a family of kinship and a place to belong. Thanks to Rise Up I will not only leave here a better man, but a man with a career and able to provide for my family
RUI Member


In 2019, Reentry Program members and graduates participated in 17 speaking engagements at schools, universities, detention centers, District Attorney events, and other groups across San Diego. They are credible messengers to at-risk youth, encouraging them to make positive life choices. Our long-term vision involves co-creating future programs with Reentry Program graduates that address systemic issues related to gang involvement.