Our Story

Several of our founders have been involved with Kairos Prison Ministry at RJ Donovan for a number of years. After reading Father Greg Boyle’s book, Tattoos on the Heart, and hearing Father Boyle speak to the inmates at RJ Donovan, we decided to research the need for a San Diego based nonprofit modeled after Father Boyle’s Homeboy Industries. Initial research indicated a definite need. Rise Up Industries is the resultant public benefit nonprofit that is focused on Gang Prevention, Gang Intervention and Post Detention Reentry.

Our Core Values

Rise Up Industries’ Core Values are the values that our founders and directors personally hold.  They are the values we expect our staff, volunteers and members to embrace.  They guide the formation of the environments we intend to create and maintain.  They are the values by which we will live and demonstrate to our members.  They are the values we intend to reinforce, which will assist our members in reaching their full potential.


We are each accountable for our choices, and recognize that our choices impact others as well.


We are honest with ourselves and with each other; our word is our bond.


We discover meaning and purpose in something greater than ourselves; we are in a positive relationship with God and each other.


We promote self-improvement through encouragement and education to build a sense of hope and self-worth.


We are a community of kinship focused on teamwork;  we are on this journey together.


We are resilient; it isn’t whether or not we fall  but that  we have the courage to Rise Up after the fall.

Our Approach

Our approach is one that recognizes the oneness between those served and those who serve. It is a sense of family, self-worth and belonging that is core to our program. It is our heartbeat and the very essence of the core values by which we live.

Our Philosophy

It is simple – we treat everyone the way they we want to be treated. We recognize people as individuals with unique gifts and talents and we push hard to make sure those qualities are brought to the forefront and nurtured for further development. We do not look backwards at mistakes or behaviors, we Rise Up to new challenges with a positive outlook and embrace plenty of support.


Supporters & Backers

Rise Up Industries (RUI) is a 501(c)(3) non profit, Incorporated 05/2013, EIN #80-0908912

“Congratulations! After review of your submitted business plan, budget and financial records, Mr. & Mrs. Caster are pleased to award a grant in the amount of $100,000!”

Caster Foundation

“Communities are harmed in so many ways as a result of gang activity. I applaud RUI’s focus to bring together the efforts of entire communities to change the beliefs of so many of our youth that there are no positive alternatives to gang life.”

Bishop Cirilo B. Flores

“RUI is correct in focusing on coordinating the efforts of the entire community in order to correct the conditions that lead our youth to believe that there are no positive alternatives to gang life. You have my full support and I wish you success in the programs you are implementing.”

Bonnie DumanisSan Diego County District Attorney

“It is noteworthy that Rise Up Industries will be modeling the proven elements of Father Greg Boyle’s Homeboy Industries program in Los Angeles and that RUI is part of the Homeboy Industries Network.”

Danell ScarboroughCity of San Diego Human Relations Commission

“Creating an environment of belonging, supportive services and a disciplined environment will be the foundation for a successful transition from gangs to productive members of society for your members.”

Joel TrambleyCity of San Diego Human Relations Commission

“You have our full support and we wish Rise Up Industries success in the programs you are implementing. We are confident these efforts will have a positive impact on many lives of the citizens within the City of San Diego.”

Susan Thomson-Tschirn– City of San Diego Human Relations Commission

“It is an honor to have Rise Up Industries as a member of the Global Homeboy Network. I’m grateful for the common concern that we share for marginalized members of our community whose lives have been negatively impacted by the intergenerational cycle of gang violence.” —Read his letter of support here.

Father Gregory BoyleExecutive Director, Homeboy Industries

“I am pleased to endorse the efforts of Rise Up Industries to assist men who are exiting incarceration with their challenges to re-enter society in a positive and productive manner. As you know, I have long been involved in prison ministry and, consequently I am impressed and encouraged by the mission and strategic plan of Rise Up Ministries.” —Read his letter of support here.

Bishop Robert BromBishop Emeritus of San Diego

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